[Feature] Language Suggestion - Korean

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Hello. I'm one of the person who excited this game a lot.
Genre, trailer, game play, etc... everything is interesting for Korean people,
cuz they love Space, Craft, Co-op playing.
Just one thing is a shame, there is no supported Korean Language.
I know even tho it is not Korean, I'm 100% sure they will play enjoyable.
However, if there is Korean, it is really helpful for them playing, and
we really really can understand every system of game as you wanna supposed them how to play.

If you devs already have a lot of stuffs, I can help translation.
I'm really enjoying to wait this game released, that's why I really want this game supports Korean.
I'm always checking you discord, so you can touch me whenever you want.

Thank you so much.
Have a wonderful day.

Under consideration Feature Suggestion Suggested by: Great Cucumber Upvoted: 31 May Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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