[Feature] Add less hardcore, and more casual Campaign AND Endless modes.

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Oxygen, hunger rates drop ridiculously fast...PERMADEATH! I understand the challenge appeal to this for people that are hungry for punishment. However that niche of players is rather small. Thus I reckon it's a complete waste of beautiful assets and overall art and design of the game if players are under perpetual pressure to scrape every resource on randomly generated mini-biome map.
It's evident in lack of interest in the game on day 1.
So this is my suggestion: Add less hardcore modes aswell as keep the default challenging ones.
This hardcore survival type of genre is getting real stale with vast number of survival games that are currently still being played by thousands. Beyond Contact doesn't offer anything particularily new to the genre, except for main campaign which is great. You can create other types of challenges, such as more hazardous fauna that players could combat with clever use of buildable structures and traps. Make plants and other biomaterials harder to obtain,etc

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Comments: 12

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