[Feature] A more intuitive research menu/layout

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I would be nice to have the research progression in a tree or table (something different to the crafting and objectives menu), it might be part of the learning curve but its very easy to get mixed up in the crafting/research menus. I thought a tree would be nice to visually see the required and proceeding research tasks. It could even be broken down into tiers for the research module levels on top of the four existing research tabs (They could be the start of the tree/trees). Its hard to explain over text (I added a quick mockup lol).

But its a small gripe, I assume its something that you might get used to overtime, just a little confusing for people starting out.

Done Feature Suggestion Suggested by: JuiceBoxJoga Upvoted: 11 Jul, '22 Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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